Borouge introduces Student Scholarship Programme at Chinaplas 2009

Jun 08, 2009

Borouge, a leading provider of innovat ive, value creat ing plast ics solut ions, is reinforcing i ts commi tment to Asia’s rapidly emerging plast ics markets by awarding annual scholarships to high per forming postgraduate and undergraduate students wi thin these f ields. The Borouge Undergraduate Scholarship and the Borouge Internat ional Scholarship for postgraduates are aimed at encouraging students to excel in polymer sciences and engineer ing and were of f icial ly int roduced dur ing a media conference at Chinaplas on May 19, 2009.

Borouge, a joint venture between the Abu Dhabi Nat ional Oi l Company (ADNOC) and Boreal is, a leading provider of chemical and plast ics solut ions, inaugurated the Borouge Undergraduate Scholarship programme by signing agreements with the South China Universi ty of Technology of Guangzhou and the East China Universi ty of Science and T echnology of Shanghai.

Up to f if teen undergraduates students from each universi ty annual ly wi l l be el igible for a Borouge Undergraduate Scholarship, with the study scholarships awarded on the basis of an individual ’s academic achievements. In addi t ion, each year , the top one or two Borouge Undergraduate Scholarship students in each universi ty wi ll receive an addi t ional two weeks’ training at Borouge to enhance their understanding and to provide them with hands-on exper ience in an innovat ive plast ics environment.

These eminent universi t ies in Shanghai and Guangzhou have been selected for thei r leading edge educat ion in plast ics and polymer engineer ing disciplines. The South China Universi ty of Technology in Guangzhou is the leading plast ics engineer ing inst itute in Southern China and wi th 25,000 full - t ime undergraduates, 7,000 masters students and 2,000 PhD students. The East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai is the leading plast ics engineer ing inst i tute in Shanghai wi th more than 15,000 ful l- t ime undergraduate students, 6,000 graduate students and 19,000 par t - t ime students.

Borouge also took the oppor tuni ty to announce that i t wil l of fer a generous postgraduate Internat ional Scholarship, of fer ing a restr icted number of high per forming students the oppor tuni ty to fur ther their Master or Doctoral studies. This Internat ional Scholarship would be the crème de la crème of the programme which graduat ing students wi l l be st rongly mot ivated to gain. Fur ther details wi l l be announced dur ing the year.

"nvestment in educat ion is cr i t ical in bui lding a st rong indust ry especial ly one which has a st rong focus on innovat ion. We hope that the Borouge Scholarship Programme wil l cont r ibute to br inging mot ivated, highly-skil led people to the plast ics industry in China," comments Wi l liam Yau, CEO of Borouge’s Market ing Company dur ing the signing of the agreements with the two Universit ies. "Whi le today we focus on these two very impor tant educat ional inst i tut ions, we are al ready f inal ising simi lar agreements wi th other universi t ies in other par ts of China and India."

Borouge Corp
Craig Halgreen
Vice President Global Communications Borouge

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