Borealis showcases benefit-packed innovations at Interplastica

Jan 22, 2010

Innovations to create cutting-edge products and bring highlevel efficiency and environmentally-friendly performance to Russia's expanding manufacturing sectors will take centre stage at the Borealis stand during Interplastica 2010.

Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions, will present its latest polyolefin material developments for automotive, wire and cable, packaging and white goods applications at Stand 1E32 Hall 01 in Moscow from January 26-29, 2009.

"Our polyethylene and polypropylene materials offer significant advantages in product and processing performance that can help manufacturers respond to economic challenges and meet market demands for more sophisticated, environmentallyfriendly product solutions," comments Lorenzo Delorenzi, Executive Vice President Polyolefins, Borealis. "Interplastica provides an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas with visitors from Russia and its neighbouring countries and keep up-todate with the issues affecting manufacturing in the region."

Packaging converters can look forward to Borealis’ new advances in aesthetics, best-in-class organoleptics, faster production, and energy- and weight-reduction for moulded and film applications.

Materials presented at Interplastica 2010 include the innovative Borclear RE936CF which was developed for use in food packaging and medical applications and offers film converters and cast film producers a product that provides cost-effective processing and significant end-user benefits including superior optical properties such as superior gloss and better pack aesthetics. New weight-saving, crack-resistant high density polyethylene (HDPE) Borpure™ MB6561 for low weight caps and closures will feature alongside high flow Bormod™ BH374MO for stable paint and food pails with up to 10% cycle time reduction.

In line with the region’s increasing focus on infrastructure reform to improve the economy and access to basic services needed for everyday life, such as water, sanitation, energy and communications technology, Borealis’ recent developments for the pipe, and wire and cable markets will be key highlights at Interplastica 2010.

Supercure LC8205R - the second generation copolymer XLPE for medium voltage power cable insulation - responds directly to the growing demand for long-term reliable and cost efficient power distribution networks. The unique combination of product properties sets new standards for long-term electrical breakdown strength combined with superior processing characteristics for highest productivity during cable extrusion.

For the pipe sector, Borealis maintains its tradition of leading polypropylene (PP) pipe material innovation for gravity pipe applications with two pioneering grades presented on the Stand. BorECO™ BA2000 offers a new class of material for solid wall pipes, with its outstanding stiffness/impact balance, and long-term durability and leakage prevention. BorECO BA415E for structured wall pipes and injection moulded parts contributes to significantly higher throughput and lower energy consumption during the extrusion process, while improving overall quality and aesthetics. Process-friendly BorSafe™ HE3490IM for PE100 injection moulded pressure fittings continues the theme of energy efficiency and ease of production for converters.

For the white goods sector, Borealis will present the first PP capable of matching the glossy aesthetics of acrylonite butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic polymers - the traditional material of choice for control panels, front draws and baseboards found on washing machines, dishwashers and spin dryers. New Borcom™ BG055AI offers a 6% reduction in cycle time and lower machine weight, benefitting the environment and manufacturing costs through reduced energy consumption.

Finally, with Russia’s automotive market expected to become the largest in Europe in the near future, Borealis will demonstrate how the superb aesthetics, raised productivity and environment- and safety-focused benefits of its thermoplastic olefin (TPO) solutions like Daplen™ are adding value to award-winning vehicles. The 2009 European "Car of the Year" Opel Insignia and 2008 winner, the Fiat 500, both feature Borealis materials.

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