Borealis delivers economic and environmentally friendly water pipes

Nov 02, 2009

At Cavigny, in the Manche department of North-Western France, a new innovative centre for the treatment of household and green waste is using BorSafe HE3490-LS-H for its fire-fighting system. BorSafe HE3490-LS-H is a black high-density PE100 compound for the production of pipes that are environmentally friendly in their composition and installation.

This new generation material, produced by Borealis, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, was specifically developed to enable the use of faster and more economical pipe installation techniques. A major consideration in the selection of the pipe material for this specific project was the fact that the pipe would have to be very tough, able to withstand impacts, notches and abrasions, and could be installed with no special ground preparation, even in hard, rocky soils.

BorSafe LS-H easily copes with any damage from the re-use of coarse excavated soil, thereby eliminating the need for costly backfilling material. As a new generation material, BorSafe LS-H was specifically developed to enable the use of faster and more economical pipe installation techniques. This includes the open-trench sandless bedding of pipes in rugged terrain, and no-dig techniques such as pipe bursting, horizontal drilling or ploughing-in.

BorSafe HE3490 LS-H is able to cope with these higher stresses. The material offers outstanding durability and is capable of delivering a service life exceeding 100 years. The speed and economy of installation was also aided by the use of automated electrofusion welding to join the pipes, which were delivered to the site in 12-metre lengths. This highly effective jointing technique complements the pipes structural, leak-free integrity – essential to ensure the ‘when needed’ performance of the fire protection system, but also to conserve water resources and contribute to overall project sustainability.

"The choice of BorSafe LS-H PE100 pipes for the fire protection system at the Cavigny facility clearly illustrates the forward thinking that has led this project," says Marc Palomares, Technical Manager at the pipe manufacturer RYB. "A critical "emergency" application such as this not only requires a tough material that will perform reliably over many years, with little or no maintenance, but one that is fully compatible with today’s environmental policy and practices. We are confident that this innovative pipe material will be very well accepted by the French and other markets and will be applied in many more future projects."

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