Borealis and Borough Support Project to Provide Sustainable Water Supplies to Over 50,000 People in Mozambique

Jul 09, 2020

Over 50,000 people in Mozambique, one of the world’s poorest countries, are benefiting from a project that has significantly improved the quality and reliability of their water supply.

Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), a long-standing partner for Water for the World, initiated and implemented the project as part of its wider programme in Mozambique. The project was financed by Borealis, through Water for the World, and delivered in conjunction with a range of partner organisations.

Key partners included FIPAG, Mozambique’s national water infrastructure owner; 16 small scale operators (SSOs), who run local water systems on FIPAG’s behalf and engage directly with the low-income consumers who receive the water supply services; and POLITEJO, which manufactured the HDPE pipes used to upgrade the network, employing Borealis’ PE100 material and Borouge, who supported the project by providing technical trainings.

The project took place in the Greater Maputo region of Mozambique, which incorporates the country’s two largest cities, Maputo and Matola. The works carried out included constructing water supply networks using HDPE PE100 pipes, repairing existing water tanks, training the SSOs’ staff to manage, operate and maintain pipeline systems, and supporting FIPAG so it could more effectively monitor the water quality the SSOs deliver.

In total, around 51,700 local residents now have a water supply that provides better-quality water, longer operating hours and reduced water losses. The system is also more resilient and requires less maintenance, helping to ensure improved services into the future.

Robin Bresser, Borealis’ Head of Marketing Pipe, says: “We are delighted to have been able to support this project. Using high-quality HDPE pipes made from our BorSafe™ PE100 material means that this upgraded system will last longer and need less maintenance than a system using PVC or metal pipes. This will help to ensure a sustainable water supply for local residents for years to come.”

Carla Costa, Mozambique Country Programme Manager at WSUP: “This vital project enables improved access to water for low-income residents in Mozambique’s major cities. The upgraded system, providing a more reliable supply of better-quality water, will make a material difference to local people’s quality of life.”

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