Bluetector Combines Water Cleaning and Energy Production

Mar 05, 2012

Bluetector AG, a Swiss-based wastewater start-up, is offering municipal wastewater treatment facilities a new solution to clean their wastewater while at the same time producing CO2-neutral energy. The Bluetector technology can be simply added to most existing municipal wastewater treatment plants, thus making use of existing infrastructure and boosting the performance of aging or outdated plants.

The Bluetector municipal wastewater treatment plants produce more energy than they consume. Bluetector clients therefore can generate recurring revenues from feeding the generated electricity into the grid. At an average feed-in tariff of 12.5 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity, a municipal wastewater treatment plant for 30,000 inhabitants could receive about $750,000 per year by feeding the generated electricity into the power grid.
Bluetector systems remove the primary sludge from the wastewater stream right at the beginning, before the wastewater undergoes any biological treatment. All the biological energy is therefore conserved in the sludge. The pressed primary sewage sludge of Bluetector wastewater treatment plants is pelletized and dried at relatively low temperatures of around 150 degrees Celsius into biosolids. These biosolids are burnt as fuel in a CO2-neutral sludge-to-energy process. Due to the incineration of the biosolids, there is no need for any sewage sludge disposal.
This is in stark contrast to traditional municipal plants where the wastewater enters directly into a biological treatment process, and most of the biological energy is lost. In addition, traditional plants generate a surplus bacterial sludge resulting from the biological treatment process. Sewage sludge from conventional municipal wastewater treatment plants often has to be further processed at additional costs before it can be disposed of.
“We have found an exciting and simple way of turning sewage sludge into renewable energy,” said David Din, Founder and CEO of Bluetector. “In our view, this is the most sustainable way to treat wastewater.”
Bluetector offers its innovative wastewater treatment systems for municipal treatment facilities, for industrial companies, and also as containers for waste collection companies and remote camps.

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