BlueTech Forum reveals top water tech companies

Jun 12, 2018

A global event taking place in Canada featured 13 ground-breaking technologies developed for the water sector. Digital, biotech and membrane technologies are among the top 13 selected who took part in BlueTech Forum in Vancouver on 6-7 June 2018.

The global water event is celebrating the theme of managing water risk in the circular economy and BlueTech Research chief executive Paul O’Callaghan says the chosen technologies demonstrate major new efficiencies in the way resources are conserved, captured and repurposed in the treatment plant and the wider infrastructure.

“BlueTech Research has an unparalleled record in the continuous tracking of technological trends and emerging technologies in water and the companies chosen to present in the innovation showcase signpost the wider trends,” he said. “I’m delighted that delegates will have the opportunity to find out first-hand about some of the most advanced technologies in the world.

“The companies we have selected have technologies for applications as diverse as energy recovery, water quality sampling, sludge monitoring and ultrafiltration. Uniquely, the technologies will be presented at separate roundtables where delegates will have the opportunity to question the developers face-to-face.”

O’Callaghan added, “The intimate setting and collaborative atmosphere of BlueTech Forum makes it very easy to form new business relationships and identify potential new partners. I am delighted that we can bring 13 outstanding technologies to the event and look forward to introducing them to delegates from global utilities, industrial end-users and the investment community.”

The Innovation Showcase featured companies are:

  • Aqua Membranes – uses its unique patented 3D-printed spacer technology to boost permeate water flow, increasing the membrane surface in spiral-wound elements and significantly reducing membrane fouling.
  • Aquam - provides technologies for packaged wastewater treatment plants that can eliminate sludge, recover energy as direct electricity and enable onsite water reuse at significantly lower cost than incumbent technologies.
  • Cerahelix – has developed a durable ceramic filter that uses DNA to create micro-pores that can deliver high levels of water quality and lower energy consumption in industrial reuse applications.
  • Emagin - provides water utilities with an operational intelligence platform to enable smarter management of their critical processes in real-time.
  • Fluid Technology Solutions – forward osmosis technologies use low-fouling, long-life cellulose membranes to treat the most challenging wastewaters.
  • Genifuel - hydrothermal processing system (HPS) produces biocrude oil and renewable natural gas (methane) from wastewater, converting more than 85% of the feedstock carbon to renewable fuels.
  • HYREC - offers a hybrid FO-OARO (forward osmosis - osmotically assisted reverse osmosis) system to treat high strength waste streams
  • IONMR – has created the most durable and versatile high-performance anion-exchange membrane ever synthesized.
  • Island Water Technologies – has complete demonstration of the world’s first real-time bio-electrode sensor for the direct monitoring of microbial activity in wastewater treatment systems.
  • Microbe Detectives - applies advanced DNA sequencing to identify and quantify nearly 100% of the microbes in a sample of water, provides comprehensive microbial evaluations for water quality and disease management.
  • Purifics - has a proprietary ceramic ultrafiltration (CUF) membrane technology which filters water and wastewater, destroys chemical and biological contaminants, facilitates clean water recovery and eliminates the need for backwash and pre-treatment.
  • TECTA-PDS - markets the world’s first automated microbiological water quality monitoring system, which considerably lowers the cost of monitoring.
  • World Water Works – has developed a wastewater treatment system that increases process throughput and performance through the gravimetric selection of dense sludge aggregates with improved settling rates and the promotion of enhanced biological phosphorus removal.

BlueTech Forum took place in Vancouver, Canada on 6-7 June 2018.

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