Bathurst Collector / Langstaff Trunk Sewers in Vaughan (Canada)

Jul 21, 2006

LOVAT has been contracted to design and manufacture twin 3.3 metre-diametre Earth Pressure Balance TBMs for the Joint Venture of McNally Construction Inc. & AECON Group Inc. (McNally/AECON).

The LOVAT RME129SEs will be used by the contractor for the latest expansion of the sewer systems in the Regional Municipality of York, north of Toronto.

Since both TBMs will be operating below the local water table, an Earth Pressure Balance TBM was chosen. The first EPB-TBM will bore 5.1 km northwards under Bathurst St. at a depth ranging from 9 to 30 m. The second EPB-TBM will bore westerly from an intermediate shaft of the Bathurst Collector for 3.7 km at a depth ranging from 22 to 34 m, mostly under Langstaff Rd.

Geological conditions along the drives are characterised mostly by Tills, slityclays and buried sands. Large quantities of cobbles and boulders are expected inboth tunnel drives. The TBMs will feature a three-spoke design cuttinghead with a dressing of 20 No. LOVAT back-loading ripper teeth which will be interchangeable with disc cutters.

These Mixed-Face EPB-TBMs will erect a tunnel liner comprised of pre-fabricated reinforced concrete segments with an OD of 3.1 m, an ID of 2.7 m and a length of 1.2 m. Grouting will occur through the segments.

The first TBM is expected to be delivered December 26, 2006 and the second will follow January 27, 2007.

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