Aquatech Innovation Award 2013 Calls for Entries

Jun 24, 2013

The Aquatech Innovation Award, that has been granted for many years to the most innovative product, service or solution in the water industry, is now open for entries. Aquatech Amsterdam invites this year’s exhibitors to enter their most innovative designs to be judged by an independent expert jury. Exhibitors wishing to submit products for the Aquatech Innovation Award should complete the online application by July 12, 2013.

Research and development in the area of water have always played a key role for a sustainable future of our world. This award encourages organisations to innovate and to differentiate themselves from the competition. The Jury covers all fields of expertise. Research amongst passed winners and nominees confirmed the impact of participating for both marketing publicity and sales purposes.

Winner Aquatech Innovation Award 2011

The Fish-friendly pump of Pentair Nijhuis was the overall winner of the Aquatech Innovation Award 2011. Pentair was very pleased with their Award. “We are happy and proud to have won, the technology is proven and is really working”, says Juergen von Hollen, Vice-President CPT Water of Pentair.

An expert jury

The expert jury, led by Cees Buisman from Wetsus, will judge the entries based on various criteria. The jury will look at the balance and interaction between the originality of the product, feasibility (technical, economic, reliability) and sustainability (environment, safety, and energy efficiency).

Charity AMREF benefits from the entry fees

The Aquatech registration proceeds for 2013 will be presented to AMREF Flying Doctors, the designated charity for international events of Amsterdam RAI. This year’s fees will contribute to the project “Sustainable Water Access for the Masai in Kajiado, Kenya”. The population within this region currently has to walk approximately 10 kilometers to access the nearest safe water source and with this, AMREF Flying Doctors will provide approximately 50,000 locals with better access to sustainable clean drinking water.

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