Aqualiner Files a Patent for Its Non-Disruptive Method for Remaking Service Connections Following Drinking Water Main Rehabilitation

Nov 11, 2009

LOUGHBOROUGH, United Kingdom - Aqualiner Limited, a company commercialising a unique next generation trenchless pipelining technology for the water and sewerage markets, announces that it is developing a method that enables side connections and laterals to be reconnected underground without having to dig the road up. The Company has filed a patent application covering the method of installation.

The new Aqualiner method involves the melting of a thermoplastic side connection into the liner thereby avoiding any complicated mechanical joints or chemically bonded solutions.

The significance of this breakthrough is that water pipes can be structurally rehabilitated and service laterals or side connections made underground from within the existing pipe. This eliminates the need to dig down to facilitate any side connections and will make the Aqualiner’s Rembrandt™ process a truly trenchless process. By utilizing this new method the overall project cost will also be significantly reduced. It is estimated that the reinstatement of service laterals by excavation can increase a project cost by up to 50%.

Commenting, Dec Downey, Chairman of the Company, stated, "One of the main obstacles and expense to overcome when using trenchless rehabilitation technologies is reconnection and reinstatement. We believe that Aqualiner’s new lateral process provides a cheap and quick alternative to digging down to reconnect the external connections. We see this solution providing customers and contractors with a practical and cost effective method to meet the growing demand for drinking water pipe rehabilitation."

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