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Sep 13, 2011

Aarsleff enters into framework agreement with the wastewater company Fredericia Spildevand A/S for sewer rehabilitation in Fredericia Municipality.

The agreement shall be executed according to the principles of partnering and shall be effective for a period of six years. The contract involves rehabilitation work, and Aarsleff is to apply No-Dig methods as well as carry out traditional sewer work by means of excavation.

The contract is the first of its kind to combine No-Dig work and excavation work in one contract. In addition, the contract comprises transfer of seven employees from Fredericia Spildevand A/S to Aarsleff.

The contract will become effective on 1 October 2011. The value of the contract is expected to be DKK 150 million over a period of six years. The earnings impact of the contract will be included in the total earnings expectations which will be informed as usual in the preliminary announcement of financial statements for 2010/2011.

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