Aldo Zilli backs the 'clear choice' for London

Mar 07, 2008

Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli has lent his support for the London On Tap campaign,  banning the sale of bottled water in his restaurants.

Zilli has joined forces with Thames Water and the Mayor of London and will sit on the judging panel for London on Tap's competition to design a sustainable, iconic carafe for London. He has also pledged to use the carafe in all of his restaurants when it goes on sale next year.

Since the launch of the campaign last week, scores of restaurants, cafes and bars across the capital have pledged to offer and serve free tap water to customers - recognising the impact bottled water has on the environment.

Aldo Zilli said: "I am delighted to be one of the judges for the 'London on Tap' competition. I think it is an extremely important environmental issue to support tap water over ecologically damaging bottled water and I will only be serving tap water in our restaurants from now on."

David Owens, Chief Executive of Thames Water, welcomed Zilli's involvement: "It is encouraging to see how much support this campaign has gained already. Support from someone like Aldo Zilli's is fantastic news and demonstrates to Londoners that our tap water can be proudly requested and served."

"Our water meets more than half a million stringent quality tests, and in a recent independent taste test was ranked higher than 20 more expensive, bottled brands.

"What's more, our water is 500 times cheaper than bottled water as well as emitting 300 times less CO2 to treat than bottled water."

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said: 'Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, said: 'It is great news for London on Tap that Aldo Zilli has agreed to be one of the judges of our competition to design an iconic water carafe for the capital's restaurants, cafes and bars. London on Tap is encouraging people to choose tap water as cheaper and greener alternative to bottled water, and Aldo's huge enthusiasm to promote this message in his own restaurants is a welcome boost.'

The design competition will be launched in May 2008 and is open to all London-based designers. Zilli joins existing judges David Owens and Green Party Member of the London Assembly, Jenny Jones. The remaining members of the judging panel will be announced shortly.

For more information about London On Tap, visit or contact Nicola Savage or Amy Dutton at Thames Water press office, Tel +44 (0)118 373 8921

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