Advances in Underground Pipeline Design, Construction and Management Available

Jul 13, 2007

Over 300 projects worldwide assessed in a 400-page book by one of industry's leading authorities

Dr. Jey K. Jeyapalan, P.E., who for over three decades has been one of the world’s premiere experts in the design, construction and management of underground pipeline projects as a civil engineer, lecturer and author has published the most definitive and organized book on the subject. Advances in Underground Pipeline Design, Construction and Management is a thorough compilation of Jeyapalan’s projects, lectures and writings on the subject. Written over a 23-year period, during which Dr. Jeyapalan’s group performed work, advised and lectured over 5,000 owners, utilities, regulators, pipe manufacturers, trade associations, engineers and contractors on every continent, Advances in Underground Pipeline Design, Construction and Management is intended to be the one source needed to understand the pipeline industry, in all its diversity and complexity.

Dr. Jeyapalan’s (“Dr. Jey” to students and colleagues) courses, seminars and lectures are noted for both their insights on recent advances and innovative techniques, as well as for their independence from vendor participation or sponsorship. This is reflected in the 15-chapter book, with its 10 appendices that include a series of sample excel spreadsheets for pipe designs and sample full-length technical specifications. The book allows engineers, contractors, professors and students to access the tools required to advance their own thinking and work, and to support their careers in an increasingly complex and important area of engineering and infrastructure expansion.

“The Pipeline Practitioner’s Bible” – BRB Contractors
“Dr. Jey is a world class civil engineer, writer, speaker, and a tireless teacher with an amazing grasp on common sense approaches to problem-solving. I was amazed by the numerous practical lessons recorded in this book. As a contractor who has worked on underground pipeline projects over 40 years, I am certain this book will become the pipeline practitioner’s bible,” said Michael C. Welch, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Topeka (Kansas)-based BRB Contractors.

About Jey K. Jeyapalan
Corporations, municipalities, civil engineering students and attendees of conferences ranging from pipelines, cables, telecommunications to construction and engineering around the globe are familiar with Dr. Jeyapalan (“Dr. Jey”) through his engaging lectures, white papers, bylines, and consultations on pipeline design, construction and management.

Dr. Jey has focused his series of lectures, writings and thoughts on the subject around six key areas:
  1. The need for formal classes in underground pipeline design, construction & management among the world’s leading universities
  2. The need for a more adequate understanding of the principles underlying pipe/soil interaction.
  3. The wide-ranging and often misunderstood, nature of pipe materials
  4. The growing number of claims and counterclaims among the world’s pipe manufacturers
  5. The lack of consistency in design standards for pipe materials by governing entities in the field
  6. 6) Cost-effective approaches when there is an acute shortage in funding to either build new pipelines or renovate leaking sewers, waterlines, oil, gas, and process pipelines around the world

“While it seems like a growingly complex area, I have tried in a simple and in a humble way to organize all of the thinking, techniques and data required to help make informed decisions in this critical area. I believe the book is a contribution to advancing the pipeline industry by providing objective views,” said Dr. Jey.

More information about Dr. Jeyapalan, his work and his new book can be found at or by calling 1-860-354-7299 or sending an email to

How to Order
To order a copy of Advances in Underground Pipeline Design, Construction and Management send an email to or download the order form from the website. The price is US $ 250 per copy and includes all tax, shipping and handling within the United States. For delivery outside the USA, the price is US $ 280 per copy.

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