Abtech Begins Department of Defense Installations

Jul 19, 2012

Abtech Holdings, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of patented innovative environmental technologies addressing issues of water pollution and contamination, announced that it has completed stormwater treatment installations at two military bases located in Utah and California, with additional installations under development.

AbTech installed its first Department of Defense (DoD) water treatment “vault” system at the Utah Air National Guard Base. The project and system consists of a concrete vault that contains Abtech’s Smart Sponge technology and treats flowing water, removing hydrocarbons. Vault systems can be retrofitted into existing water conveyance infrastructure or used in new construction, in both cases as a permanent fixture to treat water flowing through the pipes. AbTech Smart Sponge® technology is installed in cartridge form (SmartPaks) for ease of replacement and maintenance.
The vault system in Utah is installed at a jet fueling station for the Air National Guard. The project is a fuel containment project, where contractors installed trench drain and piping to a new 8,000 gallon containment basin. The AbTech system was installed in a catch basin adjacent to the containment basin to filter out any jet fuel that may overflow.
“We believe engineered vault systems are a stormwater and wastewater control and treatment measure with wide applicability throughout the world as they allow for relatively easy maintenance and are upgradeable as contaminant focuses change and technologies improve,” commented Bjornulf White, EVP Corporate Strategy and Business Development for AbTech. “This first adoption by the military is significant as we believe the potential DoD market for AbTech’s systems is very large. We have engineered our systems to be easily retrofitted into facility infrastructure, cost-effective, and built sub-surface with compact space requirements.”
In California, over 200 AbTech Ultra-Urban filters were installed at at the Marine Corps Air Station, within Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. Ultra-Urban® Filters with Smart Sponge® are filtration systems that are retrofitted into existing storm drains and capture trash and debris, and filter a variety of contaminants including sediment and hydrocarbons. AbTech's Ultra-Urban® Filters are an EPA-listed "Best Management Practice" that helps meet Clean Water Act requirements for municipal, industrial, and construction applications.
With several hundred military bases located in the United States and over 1,000 U.S. Bases estimated globally, the application for vault systems and Ultra-Urban filters is extensive. These systems are also applicable to industrial facilities with similar environmental concerns of removing contaminants such as hydrocarbons before discharge to the environment.

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