A New Resource in the Large-diameter Pipe Industry

Sep 29, 2017

A recent acquisition makes Thompson Pipe Group one of the largest and most diversified water, drainage and sanitary pipe resources in North America.

When Thompson Pipe Group recently acquired the concrete and steel pressure pipe assets of U.S. Pipe, previously a division of Forterra, it instantly became a major provider of pipe to the water, wastewater, power and industrial markets in North America. With manufacturing plants throughout the country, Thompson Pipe Group now offers a uniquely comprehensive portfolio of open-cut and trenchless pressure and gravity pipe solutions, together with related products.

The new portfolio is backed by the most complete array of engineering, field service and transportation support services in the business. This is good news for Thompson Pipe Group and for the industry as a whole. The acquisition positions the new entity to better serve the growing needs of a vital industry at an important time in its history.

“We now have significantly increased resources to problem-solve even more effectively across a broad range of applications and a wide variety of pipe materials,” comments CEO Ken D. Thompson. “It’s unusual in this industry to have such a breadth of different pipe materials from one company. Our customers can now turn to us as a valuable source of insight, innovation and practical peer-to-peer support across all lines of stakeholders.”

“I believe we now have the means to change the whole conversation by giving engineers, owners and contractors somewhere to turn in search of a solution rather than a specific product,” adds Executive Vice President Mike Leathers. “With by far the largest, most comprehensive range of pipe and related products in North America, we’re able to act as a partner, helping to identify a more seamless and cost-effective solution to specific project goals.”

With this acquisition, family-owned Thompson Pipe Group achieves yet another milestone along the journey from its contractor roots to specialists in meeting and providing viable solutions to the toughest market challenges. The company leadership is committed to a policy of activity management, sophisticated data analytics and continuous improvement.

“I’d like thank all the people who worked hard to make this deal happen,” says CEO Ken D. Thompson. “We’re more than just a family-owned company; we’re a company that that thinks and feels like a family. The arrival of a new addition is always a reason to celebrate and give thanks. I’m sure I can speak for my whole team when I say we’re excited about what’s to come. We’re looking at a time in the water infrastructure sector when a lot of important work needs to be done, and done right. We’ve never been in better shape to meet that future with confidence.”

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