A current Ceramic Polymer project: External coating of 90 km oil pipeline with "Proguard CN 100 iso"

Sep 12, 2013

The "Proguard-Series" of Ceramic Polymer GmbH provides a tight cross linking of the polymer chains even at high substrate temperatures (Tg > 120°C)!

One of the biggest oil refineries worldwide is located in Abadan at the Persian Gulf. From here, a pipeline with a length of 90 km leads to the port city Bandar Mahshahr. The pipeline was installed about 7 years ago.

In Abadan the oil has an inlet temperature of 90°C. On the long transport distance it cools down to approx. 60°C outlet temperature.

Usually the special PP-wrapping provides long-term corrosion protection for underground pipelines. But in this case the polypropylene tapes shrank substantially due to the high service temperature. Thereby, large metal surfaces are uncovered and unprotected.

The corrosion of the bare metal is rapidly accelerated by the highly standing, saline groundwater. Thus, countless leakages occur in the pipeline; the oil flows out constantly.

During its extensive refurbishment the pipeline is excavated in separate sections. The PP-wrapping is removed and surface damages are repaired. The substrate is grit blasted accurately. Afterwards our premium coating „Proguard CN 100 iso“ is applied easily by airless spraying method.

The repair and new coating of the pipeline is conducted during ongoing operation. Oil with a temperature of 90°C flows constantly through the pipe. "Proguard CN 100 iso" is applied directly on the hot steel substrate!

The 2-component epoxy coatings of our solvent-free „Proguard-Series” (VOC = 0 mg) are based on ultra-modern, unplasticized special resins. The Tg-value (glas transition temperature) of these coating systems is > 120 °C. Therefore, a tight cross linking of the polymer chains is achieved even at high substrate temperatures.

The Ceramic Polymer GmbH produces high-performance coatings with integrated micro ceramic particles for different fields of application. The properties of the ceramic – chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and weathering stability – justify the high quality of our coating systems. By extra integration of microscopic special particles, we generate coating products which provide the highest protection properties.

The Ceramic Polymer coatings are applied directly on the blasted substrate without the previous use of a primer. In this way extreme adhesion is achieved. That signifies essential advantages in comparison to conventional multi-layered systems.

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