80 Years of Schwalm

Jan 29, 2019

Schwalm celebrates its 80th anniversary as an outstanding company for pipeline, sewer and industrial services.

Turning visions into reality relies on setting clear goals for your own performance and suitable framework conditions. Passion and expertise play an important part in this. Schwalm has had all of this for the last 80 years. This has contributed to the success of the company for pipeline, sewer and industrial services.

The haulage company founded by Georg Schwalm has become the industry leader over many decades. His son Willi Schwalm invented and built his own special equipment, which was not available on the market. Sewer cleaning and partial sewer rehabilitation in closed construction is still the focus today.

Two Dividions and Specialisation in the Core Business

The robotics branch was spun off from the Willi Schwalm partnership in 2008. Since then, there have been two companies under the name of Schwalm: Willi Schwalm, owner of the company: Martin Schwalm registered trader (in German: e. K.) as service provider and Schwalm Robotic GmbH as manufacturer of special equipment.

Today, the companies are managed by Martin Schwalm, the third generation of the family. His wife Angelika is the calming influence in the middle. Willi Schwalm works discreetly in the background. This enables Schwalm to develop a solution for virtually any problem.

What Schwalm Robotic develops and produces as a manufacturer would never be conceivable without the knowledge of Schwalm Kanalsanierung and the sewer rehabilitation practitioners are always on the move using their Schwalm Robotic colleagues' solutions.

"If you are standing still, you are moving backwards" - Heading into 2019 Full of Élan

"There's a lot of truth in this, as in many a popular saying," Martin Schwalm emphasises. "A successful company is only so successful because it never stops questioning its focus, strategy and goals and using suitable "tools" for this. It's a constant process that we face time and time again. Despite digitalisation, it's the people who shape companies and have a significant influence on the company's successful development. I am therefore proud of both teams of employees who bring added value to our customers, whether near or far. They work day in day out to ensure that everything runs smoothly and successfully at Schwalm. For our customers and partners, both national and international."

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