"STATUS - KANAL" surprises with extremely positive intermediate results at Remscheider Entsorgungsbetriebe

May 04, 2009

In February 2008 S & P was entrusted with the execution of a value, priority and network ageing analysis for about 500 km of the drain and sewer network by Remscheider Entsorgungsbetriebe. It is the aim to develop individual strategies of rehabilitation and maintenance by means of the service framework concept STATUS - KANAL and based on the actual network ageing that enable Remscheider Entsorgungsbetriebe for the first time to optimise the necessary investments in network maintenance considering individual and long-term objectives.

The project started in March 2008. First steps served the data management, an important step for the overview and coordination of all data available, the data transfer and data import, as well as plausibility check of the whole data to ensure the quality of the following analysis. The network data were transferred in user format to Entwässerungsbetriebe Remscheid, additional inspection videos served as a verification of the inspection data per sample. The data transformation and the import to STATUS database for analysis was carried out based on transferred data definitions. To ensure and guarantee data consistency "in house" codes of the Entsorgungsbetriebe were rededicated after consultation and missing or erroneous data were amended or corrected. The bigger part of the data could be imported already until July due to the good data quality. The first plausibility checks followed in September 2008, damage and section assessments in October 2008. Subsequently, a first clustering as well as first forecast calculations (reference forecast or keep-at-it-strategy) were carried out. Already at a very early point in time it became clear that the substance of the inspected network was above average. The high recovery periods of 80 - 100 years scheduled in Remscheid corresponded very well with the first forecasts.

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