100 Years Modern Water Supply in Stara Zagora, BG

Jan 30, 2009

On October 3rd 2008 the town Stara Zagora celebrated 100 years of modern water supply. The first networks, however, were built long before 1908: Stara Zagora with its 120,000 inhabitants is situated in central Bulgaria and is known for its ancient Roman water supply system. During the town’s recovery and rise from the ashes of arson and pillage during the Russian-Turkish liberation war in 1877-1878, ancient relics dating back to the 6th century B.C. were found and preserved for the public. Archaeological findings amongst these were clay pipelines and aqueducts which were built during the Roman times and which already then carried water over great distances for the town’s supply.

The 100th anniversary of modern supply provided an opportunity for both, reflection on what had been achieved so far and taking stock of present major projects. Over the last 4 years large-scale replacement and expansion projects of water supply and sewer systems have been carried out. In fact, all sewage collectors with diameters over DN 700 and all water supply lines with diameters over DN 400 were conducted with GRP.

A recent project under the name "Main Collector I" ensures the transportation of wastewater to the collector of Stara Zagora’s waste water treatment plant. It is the first step of the investment in the rehabilitation of the town’s sewer network. For this project, 2 km of HOBAS CC-GRP SewerLine® DN 2000, SN 10000 were delivered by train from HOBAS Czech Republic and further 380 m DN 800, SN 10000 came from HOBAS Pipe Romania.

The main collector consists of two paralleling DN 2000 pipelines, a road drainage, 18 shafts for inspection and a overflow, not to mention auxiliary facilities such as road links, intersections with the railway, etc. The main technical challenge, however, was the limited width of the pipe trench and the small clearance (approx. 60 cm) between the two lines. Already in the design phase had HOBAS experts proposed a technical solution for pipe laying and backfilling, which was gladly accepted and laid down in the design. Thanks to the regular visits by HOBAS site advisors throughout the construction works, a risk of pipe buoyancy in the ferroconcrete casing running under railway lines was recognized and averted with an appropriate technical solution. HOBAS also shared its valuable international expertise when it came to testing the line after its successful installation.

The pipeline was officially inaugurated on October 24th 2008 in the presence of Bulgarian ministers, the Mayor of Stara Zagora, the District Governor and lots of guests and friends. The project’s contractor Stanilov OOD represented by its Executive Director officially thanked HOBAS Bulgaria for the excellent collaboration and support throughout all stages of the project.

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