XIII International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE 2015

Aqua Ukraine is approved by UFI, and has already become a traditional annual International Water Forum, which is held by order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a view to the introduction of international standards and advanced achievements in water sector of Ukraine.

Nov 10, 2015 - Nov 13, 2015
Target groups: engineers, technicians
Category: Conference
Main Topics

Water-preparation, water supply and water removal, sewage treatment, engineering networks, the pump equipment, geoinformation systems and the automated control systems of a water management, protection of water resources, drinking water, bottled water.

1. Municipal and economic-drinking water supply:
  • Technologies of processing of water;
  • systems of preparation of potable water;
  • individual systems of water-preparation for apartment houses;
  • devices and the equipment of quality assurance of water;
  • filters of household and special purpose;
  • clearing of economic-household sewage (mechanical, chemical, biological clearing, etc.), sewer stations.
2. Technologies and systems of water-preparation and water removal for industrial water supply and fuel and energy complex (chemical and galvanic manufactures, the building industry, the food, easy, mining and coal-mining industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, oil refining, transport, an agriculture, thermal power station):
  • systems of cooling and turnaround water supply;
  • water-processing (disinfecting, desalination, decontamination, demineralisation and addition of chemical components, etc.);
  • sewage treatment;
  • industrial and local water-purifying devices;
  • filtering systems of industrial purpose;
  • recycling of a deposit of sewage.
3. Pumps and the pump equipment for common industrial, special, municipal and household water supply and water removal.
4. Engineering networks:
  • technologies, the equipment and techniques for a lining of pipelines;
  • pipes and pipeline armature (valves, fittings, gaskets and seals, latches, gates, etc.);
  •  systems of diagnostics and controlling of pipelines;
  • technologies and systems of clearing and restoration of pipelines, elimination of outflow;
  • expansion tanks and hydraulic accumulator.
5. Technologies and the equipment for drilling water-supply wells for household, municipal and industrial water supply.
6. Materials and the equipment for construction, repair and operation of water-economic constructions.
7. Automation of water resources management and engineering systems. Information technologies for water branch.
8. Geological investigation and extraction of underground waters, an estimation of stocks of water resources. Hydraulic engineering constructions. Engineering-hydrological works. Reconstruction of hydrological and clearing constructions. Protection of water resources.
9. Bottled water
  • (systems of water-preparation, bottle washer-filler units, label automatic devices, dispensers, coolers, water gauges, pomps, tare and packing, etc.)


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