World Water Week 2009

The World Water Week in Stockholm is the annual meeting place for the planet's most urgent water-related issues.

Aug 16, 2009 - Aug 22, 2009
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, technicians, students, engineers
Category: Congress
With a strategic location at the confluence of Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is an ideal place to consider the importance of water to life. It is appropriate that in late summer of each year since 1991, the city has become the focus of the global water and development community as leaders and experts from all corners of the world convene for World Water Week.

Even amidst the city’s famous attractions and the typically bright Swedish summer weather, the World Water Week in Stockholm is known for uncommonly serious business.

Organised and directed by The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), it has gained an international reputation as a unique forum for the exchange of views and experiences between scientific, business, policy and civic sectors from around the globe. By harnessing and linking best practices, scientific understanding, policy insight and decision-making, the program aims to transcend rhetoric and provide real answers to the world’s water-related problems. A comprehensive agenda of workshops, seminars and side events undertake in-depth examinations of the most critical issues, complemented by prize ceremonies, field trips and events that provide an abundance of opportunities for the professional networking that has come to be a World Water Week hallmark.

For many participants and convening organisations, these are the singular features that bring them to Stockholm each year. Please plan to join us. This website is designed to help you explore the Week’s program and make the most of your participation. We look forward to seeing you here in Stockholm this August.

The World Water Week Niche 2009-2011: Water – Responding to Global Changes
The 2009 World Water Week and its theme "Accessing Water for the Common Good" comprises the first year under a new niche "Water – Responding to Global Changes." This niche guides the programme themes over a three year period to ensure that each year strategically builds upon the previous years’ outcomes and findings. For the period 2009 – 2011, the niche is about the potential and necessary responses in water policy, management and development to address pervasive global changes and their impact. For more information on the thinking behind the theme for 2009 read the Purpose and Scope.

The 2010 World Water Week theme will deal with the consequences of water use on the status of the resource itself. Water quality and water quantity are affected by how water and land are used in different sectors. Pollution and water scarcity are two examples of consequences having wide ramifications for society as a whole and downstream users in particular.

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