World Tunnel Congress 2020

ITA and IEM hereby jointly announce that WTC2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia scheduled from 11th to 17thSeptember 2020 will be moved to a fully digital platform due to the impacts of COVID-19, including border restrictions and health risks associated with international travel and the assembly of large meetings.

Sep 11, 2020 - Sep 17, 2020
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, engineers, technicians, students
Category: Conference


The digital WTC2020 is currently in preparation at no extra cost for those already registered and all sponsors, exhibitors and registrants would be notified of the format for the digital event soon by the Organizing Committee of WTC2020. A digital book of proceedings will also be made available to all registrants. The dates for the digital WTC.

Innovation and Sustainable Underground Serving Global Connectivity

The theme of the World Tunnel Congress 2020 has conscientiously been chosen to timely reflect the innovation achievements in the efforts of ITA-AITES in promoting the use of tunnels and underground space for the benefits of public, environment and sustainable development for the past almost half century since its establishment in 1974.

Growing numbers of underground innovations claim to hold the key to unlock the door to a ‘smarter urban connectivity’. More often than not, these innovations are being embedded into highly complex underground projects that aim to minimise environmental hazards, to save energy, to increase the functional diversity of the urban structure, to reduce the need of local transporation, to make services more easily accessible to residents, and to protect the urban landscape and culture for sustainable urban development. Malaysia’s advantage in gaining a significant share of this engineering feat lies in its existing strengths in underground infrastructure, innovative environment and strong history and political will to tackle sustainability challenges. The innovative and unique SMART tunnel, the first of its kind dual-purpose tunnel in the world is the best example of Malaysian own development. This example became known worldwide as an effective solution to optimise expenditures to solve multiple problems. The tunnel is expected to prevent billions of dollars of possible flood damage and costs from traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur’s city centre. It is listed as one of the top 10 world’s greatest tunnels by CNN. SMART project won the Bristish Construction Industry International Award in 2008 and received the UN Habitat Scroll of Honour Award in 2011 for its innovative and unique management of storm water and peak hour traffic.

“INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABLE UNDERGROUND SERVING GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY” is more than a slogan for ITA-AITES and its members, it is a challenge and commitment to contribute to sustainable development. It is our great honoured to share with the global tunnelling fraternity the Malaysian’s little success story in innovative tunnelling and underground solutions. The encouragement of the innovation and sustainable development in the organisation of WTC, and the technical presentations, is a key theme. We would be delighted if we inspire a whole new generation’s interest in the work and achievements of ITA-AITES.


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