Wasser Berlin 2006, Germany - WASSER BERLIN runs parallel to GAS BERLIN, the International Trade Show and Congress.

WASSER BERLIN is the International Trade Show and Conference for the Water Industry. The conference features discussion forums with international experts on a variety of water-related topics. It is a capital investment exhibition for international water s

Apr 03, 2006 - Apr 07, 2006
Target groups: students, technicians, skilled tradesmen, engineers
Category: Conference
Water experts from government and industry, engineers, experts in civil engineering, well drilling, waterworks construction, representatives from domestic and international organizations, purchasers, water management experts, scientists, representatives of industry associations and institutions, government officials , high-level administrators

The thematic organization of the event allows exhibitors to present in an applied context, making it easy for trade visitors to find information and solutions. The trade show includes the following themes:

  • Water production
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Water distribution and wastewater removal
  • Service providers, water supply /sewage utilities
  • Multi utilities Measurement, regulation, and analysis technology
  • Armatures, pumps, lifting equipment, drive technology, compressors         
  • Surface water protection, ground water protection, soil protection
  • Industrial equipment 
  • Excavating  machinery 
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Science, research, technology transfer 
  • Information and communication technologies

The Public Show "WASSERLEBEN" runs parallel to the conference. This special event provides extensive information to the general public, especially young people, about water as a resource. The show is designed to attract visitors who are unfamiliar with water-related issues and encourage them to seek further information and become actively involved.

For further information see attached document or please visit: http://www.wasser-berlin.de
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