WACOM European Conference: "Competence Modelling for the Water Sector" (Brussels)

Sep 21, 2011
Target groups: Professionals
Category: Conference
The European Conference "Competence Modelling for the Water Sector" has launched its Call for Papers: All experts from the water sector, human resources development, and competence modelling are invited to contribute their own related professional or academic efforts and to present them in a scientific paper and presentation. The conference will take place in Brussels, Belgium on the 21st of September, 2011 and is organized by the European consortium for water competences WACOM. "By sharing the results of the WACOM project with European professionals and academics and asking them to draw upon their own experience, we hope to greatly benefit the discourse concerning competence modelling for the water sector and for vocational education and training", says Christian M. Stracke, the Coordinator of the WACOM project from the University of Duisburg‐Essen in Germany, ISO Convener and editor of many competence standards and specifications.
By this Call for Papers all experts and practitioners are invited to contribute to our dialogue on competence modelling for the water sector and to submit high quality papers describing fully developed results, on‐going work or innovative concepts on the following topics:
  • Competence models for the water sector
  • Competence modelling in human resource development
  • Competence descriptions in vocational education and training
  • Learning outcomes and competences orientation
  • Job profiles and working places defined by competences
  • Standardization of water competence models
  • Implementation of competence modelling
  • Harmonization of competence models
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Brussels, Belgium
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