V° Network Service Technology Days (Piacenza,Italy)

Oct 03, 2012 - Oct 06, 2012
Target groups: engineers, technical personel, deciders
Category: Exhibition

IATT is proud to announce the 5th edition of Network Services Technology Days, which will be held in Piacenza (during the International Exhibition GEOFLUID) from 3-6 October 2012. The no-dig live show is dedicated to Private Companies and Public Municipalities interested in the below ground infrastructures avoiding environmental impacts. During the exhibition visitors will have the chance:

  • To assist to practical demonstration of equipment related to the trenchless technologies;
  • To be acknowledged on the newest technologies and components utilized during the installation, maintenance and repairing of the underground infrastructures such as power line, gas pipelines, water and sewage system.
  • To delve into economical, legislative and environmental subjects of no-dig technologies.

During the event there will be held training course, round table and congress offering a wealth of opportunities to discuss theory and practice with industry experts and representative of Public Administration and Local Government.

Get detailled information about this event here.

Piacenza Expo
Le Mose Via Tirotti 11
29122 Piacenza
Target language English



Via Ruggero Fiore, 41

00136 Roma



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