TTC/NUCA Auger Boring School

The TTC/NUCA Auger Boring School (ABS) is a one-week course about auger boring method of pipeline installation, a well established and perhaps the most commonly used trenchless application.

Feb 13, 2017 - Feb 17, 2017
Target groups: engineers, contractors, project superintendents, estimators, public officials, educators
Category: Education and training

This intensive course that will provide students the knowledge and tools for performing successful auger boring projects. It covers all aspects of auger boring projects from design to construction, with special focus on safety.  The school consists of classroom lectures (modules) and hands-on practical sessions. 

The field operations include two auger boring installations, performed from a shallow pit (4 feet deep) into a soil box (7 feet high) filled with varied soil types, including clay (dirt), dry sand, wet sand and gravel (crushed concrete). Steel pipe joints, 20 feet long, are used in these installations. One installation is performed with 24- inch pipe joints that require traditional welding and the other with 30-inch Permalok steel interlocking pipe.

There will be two separate educational tracks offered: Contractors' Track and Engineers Track.


  • CONTRACTORS' TRACK: Contractors, Project Superintendents, Foremen, Crew Members, etc

  • ENGINEERS TRACK: Engineers, Estimators, Public officials, Educators, DOT Representatives, Regulatory Agency Representatives, Public Utility Employees, etc. 

Trenchless Technology Center at Louisiana Tech University
599 Dan Reneau Drive
71270 Ruston
United States
Target language English
The Certificate of Completion and CEU/PDH certificates.


Trenchless Technology Center

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71270 Ruston

United States


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