Trenchless Technology Summit 2008

Ensuring project success, appropriate application and innovation in no-dig or non-disruptive road crossings

Jul 13, 2008 - Jun 16, 2008
Target groups: Chief Engineers, Project Managers, Infrastructure Managers, Construction Managers, Purchasing Managers, Civil Engineers, Government Officials, Government Ministries, Business Development Managers, Utility Officials, Trenchless Manufactures and Suppliers,
Category: Conference
The construction industry across the Middle East has recently suppressed a trillion dollars. Trenchless technologies are now becoming increasingly applicable to the area as the construction of settlements across the region mature and older settlements are redeveloped. There are unique challenges which need to be taken into consideration, whether you are based regionally or internationally.

IQPC’s Trenchless Technology Summit 2008 is the only no-dig industry specific event in the Middle East in 2008

Attend to:
  1. Participate in essential networking opportunities
  2. Learn about new regional and global advances in the trenchless technology
  3. Hear from critical case studies from the Middle East and abroad
  4. Gain a comprehensive out line of all the viable technologies on the market and understand the correct material selection for the varying ground conditions in the Middle East
  5. Understand the cost and time saving opportunities that will help you achieve your project deadlines.
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