Trenchless Technology Seminar in Omaha

Trenchless Technology, sses and buried asset management

Dec 03, 2019
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, engineers, technicians, labourers
Category: Seminar


Seminar presentations will discuss a wide variety of Trenchless Technology items including most of the following subjects and more:

  • NASTT Education Efforts,
  • Sewer Line Rehabilitation,
  • Water Line Rehabilitation,
  • Manhole Rehabilitation,
  • Cured In Place Pipe Renewal (CIPP),
  • Root Control, Point Repair,
  • Collector System Evaluation,
  • Video Inspection,
  • Internal Joint Seals,
  • Thermoformed PVC Pipelining,
  • Clay Pipe Microtunneling,
  • Pilot Tube Microtunneling,
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD),
  • Pipe Bursting,
  • Underground Structure Rehab,
  • Bypass Pumping,
  • Chemical Grouting,
  • Lateral Lining,
  • Lateral Replacement and the Trenchless Technology Center.

Also presented will be the Buried Asset Management Institute-International (BAMI-I) Certification in Training of Asset Management" (CTAM) Program.

Guest presenter: Mr. Adam Wilmes, P.E., Collection System Design Manager, Public Works, Design Division, City of Omaha with the presentation "Trenchless Technology in Omaha"

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Venue To Be Announced
Council Bluffs, IA (Omaha, NE)
United States
Target language English



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