Trenchless Romania

Trenchless Romania is one of the region´s most significant conference and exhibition focusing on Trenchless Technologies. Trenchless Technologies are pioneering techniques which combine economic efficiency and environmental protection thus providing a modern approach for the installation, replacement or renewal of all underground utilities from, water, sewer, gas, and industrial pipelines to electrical conduit and fibre optics with minimum excavation and surface disruption.

Jun 13, 2018
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, engineers, technicians, labourers, students
Category: Conference


The event will showcase machinery, products and services from international manufacturers and providers attracting top quality audiences from around the region whose aim is to expand their knowledge and experience the latest technologies for the installation and refurbishment of underground utilities.

The main topics of the event include:

  • Trenchless solutions for/with:
    • House connections
    • Keyhole Technology
    • Pipeline consruction (crossings)
    • Pipeline rehabilitations

  • ...for all kind of applicaions like: water, sewer, gas, electricity and fibre optic cables.

Visitors are looking forward to live presentations in the exhibition area and speeches such as:

  • Long steel pipelines crossings with HDD and Direct Pipe technology

  • Special fittings for sewerage systems

  • Trenchless Technology for Smart Cities

  • Why Trenchless Technologies?

Hotel Caro
Strada Barbu Văcărescu 164
020285 București
Target language English


Audienta Generala AG Masini Utilaje

Maria Nae

Bld. Corneliu Coposu, Nr. 7, Bl. 104, Et. 1, Ap. 33

030829 Bucaresti



+40 724 550 830



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