The Trenchless Technology Seminar"Trenchless Technology, SSES and Buried Asset Management"

Trenchless Technology, SSES and Buried Asset Management seminar with half hour presentations - 7 PDHs. Lot of networking and learning.

Aug 14, 2019
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, engineers, technicians, labourers
Category: Seminar


Some of the Half hour seminar presentations are as follows:

  • WELCOME ADDRESS, Leonard Ingram, PWAM, MASTT Executive Director

  • BAMI-I & Certification Of Training In Asset Management (CTAM) Program, Dr. Tom Iseley, P.E.,PWAM, Chairman ofBuried Asset Management Institute –International (BAMI-I)

  • The Trenchless Technology Centerand “BERT Facility”, Dr. Tom Iseley, P.E., Associate Director,International Operations,TheTrenchless Technology Center, Louisiana Tech University

  • Trenchless Installations Using Ductile Iron Pipe & SpiralWeldedSteel Pipe Including HDD, Sliplining And Pipe Bursting, Raj Arora, American Pipe

  • Guided Boring Using Pilot Tube, Steve Matheny, Logan Clay Products

  • How DC Water Is Using GeoSpray Geopolymer To Rehabilitate Large Diameter Pipes And Manholes, Scott Naiva, P.E., Clock Spring Co. Inc.

  • MSI Methods, Ed Diggs, Pipeline Inspection Partners Corp. PPIC (Purveyor of Cues High Technologies)

  • An Introduction To The Direct Pipe Method & Applications In Southeastern United States, Maureen Carlin, Ph.D, Laney Directional Drilling Co.

  • Preliminary Design And Installation Of HDPE Per AWWA C901, C906 And M55, Camille GeorgeRubeiz, PlasticsPipe Institute

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Target language English



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