The cities of TranSurban Project

Relevance of Public Transport for the Sustainability, Social Cohesion and Socio-Economic Development of the Small and Medium Urban Areas

Jun 21, 2007
Target groups: technicians, engineers, skilled tradesmen
Category: Workshop
During the last years several small and medium-sized cities (SMCs) in Europe have considered the possible introduction of Rapid Transit systems while others have adopted such schemes with considerable success. TranSUrban project, within the framework of the INTERREG IIIC Inter-regional Cooperation European Programme, examines this development and operation of Urban Transit Systems through innovative strategies towards city sustainable development, cohesion and urban regeneration.

The TRANSURBAN partnership includes six cities of five European Countries: Volos and DEMKA Nea Ionia (Greece), Valdemoro (Spain), Cambridge (UK), Linz (Austria) and Livorno (Italy). In this context, the workshop, organized by ATL in collaboration with the Municipality and the Province of Livorno, aims to present and compare the experiences and best practices on Rapid Transit Systems of the different European sites involved in the project in order to discuss possible identified solutions and analyse the related evaluation process and expected impacts for developing these PT solutions in the Small and mediumsized cities.

The participation is free, however it is necessary to send your registration by fax or e-mail until June 12, 2007. For more information, please download the attached program.
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