Sustainable management of water & wastewater sludges

Aug 08, 2009 - Aug 10, 2009
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, technicians, students, engineers
Category: Conference
The rapid expansion of China’s economy has been accompanied by many serious environmental issues, including degradation of water quality. To solve its water pollution problems, massive investments in water and wastewater treatment are to be undertaken in China over the upcoming decades. These new and upgraded treatment facilities will improve water quality, but will also lead to problematic levels of sludge generation, and this prospect is now being addressed with urgency.

This sludge conference has been titled "Sustainable management & technology of sludges" because a long-term perspective is also important. The knowledge transfer from this conference could be of great importance to both China and the international community. We are very pleased to offer this forum and warmly welcome international professionals to meet in China and work together toward sustainable approaches to solving this environmental issue worldwide.
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