Smart Water Systems (London, UK)

Apr 16, 2012 - Apr 17, 2012
Target groups: Engineers, decision makers, professionals
Category: Seminar
The necessity for water utilities to adopt smart metering is as pertinent as ever. Smart meters can cut leakage levels by 20% and reduce energy consumption by a third through associated software and infrastructure. European utilities alone will invest at least $7.8bn in smart water metering by 2020 and the market opportunities for meter manufacturers, installers, data & management organisations is clear. With the bottom line even more pressing in today’s economic climate, the business case remains undiminished.
Bringing you the latest business intelligence, SMi's Smart Water Systems conference provides distilled international perspectives on this exciting field. Our line-up of international experts features a hands-on, case study-driven approach from those at the sharp end of maintaining and sustaining their customers needs. From rethinking water provision, to harnessing M2M networks, and directing consumer behaviour, gain the insights you need to remain competitive.
Join the two days of strategic forecasting, metering and smart grid case studies, informed discussion and analysis. Get more information here.
Copthorne Tara Hotel
Scarsdale Place, Kensington
W8 5SR London
United Kingdom
Target language English


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