Small Hydro Latin America Conference (Panama City, Panama)

Dec 05, 2011 - Dec 06, 2011
Target groups: Representatives from IPPs, Utilities, Developers, Communities, Service Providers, Regulators and Governments.
Category: Symposium
Latin America has vast hydro power potential, with small hydro being at the top of the energy agenda for its environmental and social credentials. Join us at this year’s event to hear the latest on how you can become part of this renewable phenomenon.
Gain a key insight into the regional challenges and how to form key partnerships in developing small hydro projects and the most effective ways to negotiate the regions complex permitting and licensing procedures.
Including case studies from different regions of Latin America our congress will highlight how to work efficiently and profitably in this expanding market. The only event in the region to address the challenges of small hydro for Latin America
This event is a must attend for companies and developers looking to develop in the region the only event to look at small hydro in the region.
Building on the success of our Water Power series this congress looks to welcome developers and companies from all over the globe to explore the regions potential and network with all the local companies in building long lasting relationships in Latin America
  • Hear international end user case studies on the latest developments in small hydro
  • Take part in an interactive panel discussions on communicating and engaging stake holders in small hydro developments
  • Understand the project management challenges faced by the global community of small hydro operators and owners
  • Discuss the latest policy and legislation updates and discover the impact this will have on the industry
  • Discover the latest research in overcoming technical challenges including turbine selection, low head technology, hydrokinetic developments and run-of-river innovations
  • Listen to experts sharing their insight on upgrading and maintaining existing facilities
  • Prepare yourself for the latest changes in regulations
  • Meet the technology providers with the most innovative solutions to small hydro challenges
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Panama City
Target language English