Sewage & Drainage Pipe 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Market trends and technical developments in polymers in sewage and drainage pipes.

Feb 22, 2011 - Feb 23, 2011
Target groups: engineers, decision makers, professionals,...
Category: Conference
Sewerage & Drainage Pipe 2011 will offer a unique networking opportunity for delegates represented across the entire industry. Plastic sewerage and drainage pipes are established in many global regions replacing traditional materials such as clay and concrete. International and national standards ensure a good safety margin in materials, production processes and installation. Innovation is taking place at all levels.

The conference will bring together experts from the civil engineering and pipe industries to discuss the latest developments in new build and rehabilitation of pipe systems. Utility pipe systems undergo transformations driven by ever-increasing and changing requirements, as well as by technical innovation in system design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.  Research will be presented on the latest market trends, case studies and technical issues. The conference attracts from all over the world, from raw material suppliers, pipe producers and manufacturers, pipe joining specialists, installers, machinery suppliers, contractors, construction/ infrastructure engineers to end users. Various topics will be discussed from new technologies affecting the industry, challenges such as ageing and repair, rehabilitation, testing methods and waste water management. The conference offers an invaluable opportunity to network and expand the knowledge beyond inter-disciplinary boundaries.

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Maritim Hotel
40474 Düsseldorf


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