Seminar on Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR)

Oct 24, 2006 - Oct 25, 2006
Target groups: technicians, skilled tradesmen, engineers
Category: Seminar
The seminar will start with a short introduction to the history and present situation with regard to ASR in Europe. Furthermore a detailed overview on the mechanism of ASR – including the reactivity of different aggregates and test methods (petrography, soluble silica) will be given. Additionally the seminar will also deliver a comprehensive survey of concrete and mortar test methods. Apart from that, the provisions to avoid a harmful ASR in mortar and concrete will be dealt with including the use of low alkali cements and the influence of cement main constituents on the pore solution.

The participants get an improved knowledge about ASR. Starting from the reaction mechanisms and the alkali-sensitivity of different aggregates the principles and possibilities for avoiding a harmful ASR are explained. Diverse laboratory test methods are presented and compared. Diagnostics of ASR damage is mentioned. The seminar will contain overview lectures, case studies and will provide sufficient time for the exchange of knowledge and experience between the participants.

On the second day of the seminar the participants are invited to join an excursion (possibly visit of a tunnel construction site in the area of Leipzig).

The overall objective of the seminar is to present and to exchange practical information for R & D staff, and quality managers with experience in cement and concrete technology in the cement industry.

Registration fee: 1,200 EUR, 16 % V.A.T. to be added, 25 % discount for each additional participant
Leipzig, Germany


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