Post Graduate Diploma Course for Trenchless Pipeline Manager (TPM)

Urban lifelines are the assets of the society and trenchless techniques provide avenues for management of such assets which otherwise are being left neglected and deteriorating rapidly.

Nov 13, 2006 - Dec 12, 2006
Target groups: technicians, engineers, Engineers, technicians, officers
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Urban pipelines, when conceived, were meant to provide passage to fluids like water, rain runoff, sewage, petroleum, or other energy products. Primary consideration of employing a pipeline for such transportation has been that such mode yields the most economic and viable as the fluid flowing through them is not exposed anywhere and therefore there would be very slim chances of it getting polluted or polluting the environment en route to the intended destination.   

As long as the pipeline is above ground or exposed, the networks meet these aims as any leakage or damage can be rectified immediately upon detection. But in urban settings, the pipelines are seldom above ground and damage rectifications are comparatively difficult since the detections are normally very late and at times rectifications are impossible due to extensive damages. Trenchless Techniques offer solutions for such difficult situations through which such rectification processes can be executed successfully.

Today’s a large portion of subsurface utility network development and management activities in India and other South Asian Nations are devoid of trenchless applications. An optimization of processes and economization of scarce resources can be successfully achieved if trenchless techniques are also considered in the technique selection process.

Such activity, however, can be undertaken if the executing engineer or the decision maker is abreast of such techniques and their selection processes. Such knowledge can be acquired by detailed classroom training and related workshop exposure. Trenchless Pipeline Manager is one such training planned by IndSTT and KUT. Trenchless Pipeline Manager Certificate course is structured to address the requirements of subsurface utility pipeline construction which include development and management of networks. The trained engineers are expected to be able to engineer, design, supervise the construction, manage and maintain the subsurface pipelines successfully. The course is being developed by KUT jointly with IndSTT and is expected to be a major tool for capacity building in the Trenchless Technology Sector of South Asian Construction Industry.

September 2006

Academic Duration
120 hours spread over one month duration covering calssroom training and practical exercises

Training location
Kielce University of Technology, Kielce, Poland

Accomodation location
Kielce University of Technology, resident halls

Engineers (i.e. having a bachelor’s degree in Civil/Public Health or Environmental Engineering or Mechanical or Electrical or an equivalent qualification). He or she must be conversant with written and spoken English. Or an officer charged with the responsibility of developing and managing physical infrastructure.

Course Fee
INR 87,5000,-
The course fee includes academic fees and hostel fees for one individual student. All other costs like food, travel, all other related expenses shall be extra. The estimated food cost at Kielce is US$ 200-250 per person/month.

Maximum batch strength
35 Students

Course structure
  • Microtunnelling and pipe jacking
  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • Impact moling and ramming
  • Optimum choice of trenchless pipe laying methods
  • Pipes in trenchless pipe laying technologies (jacking pipes and pulling in pipes)
  • Designing of pipelines for trenchless pipe laying
  • Trenchless renovation and replacement of pipelines
  • CCTV inspection of pipelines
  • Inspections and renovation of sewer collectors of large diameter
  • Trenchless repair and sealing of pipelines
  • Trends in the range of trenchless technology application
  • Static – strength calculations of the pipelines
  • Strategies of trenchless renewal of sewerage and water supply pipelines
  • Design of the construction of renovation coatings
  • Plastics in underground infrastructure
  • Laboratory testings of pipes
  • Trenchless methods of cable laying
  • Structural expertises of pipelines
  • Trenchless testings of pipelines
  • Pipes made of rigid and elastic structure
  • Criteria of optimum choice of material and structural solutions of pipelines
  • Chosen problems of geotechnical engineering
  • Utility tunnels
Kielce University of Technology
25-314 Kielce, Poland
Trenchless Pipeline Manager (TPM)


Niranjan Swarup [Executive Director of the Indian Society for Trenchless Technology]


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