Pipeline - Pipe - Sewer - Technology (PPST)

The Pipeline-Pipe-Sewer-Technology Conference and Exhibition (PPST), organised by the EITEP, is a conference and exhibition on oil, gas water and wastewater transportation in Africa and the Middle East.

Sep 17, 2017 - Sep 19, 2017
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, engineers, technicians, labourers, students
Category: Conference

The civilized world has constructed some 3.5 million km of high pressure pipelines for oil, gas and water over the last 100 years - about 25,000 km of new pipelines are added every year. On the side of medium and low pressure pipe networks for gas and water distribution, district heating and cooling as well as sewers for waste water disposal we are talking about roughly 25 million km. The annual construction of new lines is estimated at 30,000 km.

One could say that the sufficient supply with both energy and water as well as sewage disposal are, among other factors, the basis for economic prosperity. To ensure the supply, pipes and pipelines for oil, gas and water as well as sewers for sewage treatment are needed.

Africa, Middle East and South Asia are on their way to a sustainable industrialization. This process needs a sufficient supply of energy and water and adequate sewage treatment. Organizations all around the world work on technical solutions for safety improvements, maximum reliability, economic efficiency and environmental protection of supply and disposal systems. The Pipeline - Pipe - Sewer - Technology Conference & Exhibition (PPST) intends to further appropriate solutions and the international exchange of experiences. We invite the world wide pipeline industry to present their modern and customized technology in exhibition and lectures in Cairo.

Also, we invite the administration, the planners, the operators and the developers from Africa, Middle East and South Asia to get ideas and technology to answer the questions that arise with the industrialization of their countries.

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