Pipeline Location and Condition Assessment (Southhampton, U.K.)

Sep 08, 2011
Target groups: engineers, decision makers, professionals
Category: Seminar
This event will cover both industry perspectives of the problem and current research into new pipe detection, sensors and methods. The event is expected to appeal to a wide range of stakeholders associated with buried utility management and will be of value to anyone with an interest in applying cutting edge technology to locating and managing buried pipelines.
The programme provides a balance between concise, focussed presentations by leaders in their fields and discussion on the way forward for the industry. The wide range of expertise brought by delegates will contribute to useful and stimulating discussion as well as allow for the exploration of new applications of technologies. Importantly, delegates will be given the opportunity to shape the future UK research agenda in this field.
Please visit www.mappingtheunderworld.ac.uk or www.pipeguild.com for more informations about this event.

Ordnance Survey
Romsey Road
SO16 4GU Southampton, U.K.
United Kingdom
Target language English


Mapping the Underworld (MTU) PIG (the Pipeline Industries Guild)

Joanne Leach


0121 414 3544




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