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Seminar on Capacity Building for Urban Renewal through Trenchless Technology

Mar 28, 2007 - Mar 29, 2007
Target groups: technicians, skilled tradesmen, engineers
Category: Seminar
The issue has great significance in view of the great National endeavour to modernize and renew the urban centers of India. JNNURM is one of the most ambitious project aimed at improving Indian cities and raising the levels of quality of life for the citizens. Application of trenchless technology to rehabilitate and build the subsurface infrastructure of Indian cities is vital and essential and therefore this initiative.

The main objective of the Seminar is to give focus on sustaining the continued improvements in the urban sector through usage of Trenchless Technology and the Sub-themes chosen are:

  • Development of Subsurface Infrastructure & Management
  • Introduction of Trenchless Technology
  • Application of Trenchless Technology for Urban Renewal
  • Capacity Building through Human Resource Development for Trenchless Technology Application
  • Capacity Building through Development of Equipment for Trenchless Technology Applications
  • Procurement Processes & Economy
  • Capacity Building through Consultancy for Trenchless Technology Application

The Seminar would be useful for equipment manufacturers, Government departments involved in JNNURM mission, technology service providers like engineers and designers, contracting service providers and business analysts evaluating Indian Infrastructure Markets, Academics and researchers considering developing products/techniques suiting Indian requirements and technical consultants.

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