No-Dig India 2006 - Capacity Building for Urban Renewal through Trenchless Technology

This Seminar will provide an opportunity for technology and service providers like engineers and designers, contracting service providers, equipment manufacturers and providers, business analysts evaluating Indian infrastructure markets, academics and res

Dec 07, 2006 - Dec 08, 2006
Target groups: engineers, designers, technicians, students, technology and service providers, equipment manufacturers business analysts, academics
Category: Symposium
Present day Indian urban infrastructure shows significant signs of decay. Added to this, the growth in urban service demands are leading to a tremendous demand in utility lifeline development and management projects. To meet this demand, the Government of India has launched several developmental missions like JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission), UIDSSMT (Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns), AUWSP (Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme), and funds like URIF (Urban Reforms Incentive Fund). Under this scenario possible business volumes are substantial which represents a major opportunity to the global service providers of this sector. For an example the largest mission, JNNURM, which addresses only 60 major Indian cities, is looking at an additional investment of over US$ 28 billion over a period of 7 years starting this year. An average additional investment value for this mission alone comes to approximately US$ 400 to 500 million per city over the project duration. To cater to this additional demand, for which earlier there were no capacities available, a substantial number of experienced service providers are required and therefore the seminar for highlighting business opportunities.

The papers that will be presented in this seminar will address the following sub-topics:
  • Development of Subsurface Infrastructure & Management
  • Introduction of Trenchless Technology
  • Application of Trenchless Technology for Urban Renewal
  • Capacity Building through Human Resource Development for Trenchless Technology Application
  • Capacity Building through Development of Equipment for Trenchless Technology Applications
  • Procurement Processes & Economy
  • Capacity Building through Consultancy for Trenchless Technology Application

The seminar is open for all who are the users of such services or related to the Construction Industry and also for institutes and companies which are manufacturers, training or providing consultation for application trenchless technology. It is indeed an opportunity for those:
  • who are involved in development and management of the urban sector
  • who seek the latest information on India's trenchless technology service
  • wo are interested in exploring opportunities on the Indian market.

Abstracts should not be more than 500 words and should provide sufficient details to clearly indicate the industry or research context and objectives, selected methodology or case studies, and the final outcome/lessons for enterprises and policy developers. The full contact details (postal address, telephone, fax and email) of the corresponding author and the individual (s) who will present the paper if accepted, should appear on all abstracts submitted. Paper submissions must comply with the following schedule
  • July 31 , 2006 - Submission of Abstracts
  • October 30, 2006 – Submission of full length Paper

Early Bird Registration (before 1st October)
Individual Participants: Rs. 4,000/- per person
Multiple Regostration: Rs. 3,000/- per person
INDSTT Members: Rs. 3,500/- per person
Non Indian Participants: US$ 250 per person

Registration after 1st October
Individual Participants: Rs. 5,000/- per person
Multiple Regostration: Rs. 4,500/- per person
INDSTT Members: Rs. 4,000/- per person
Non Indian Participants: US$ 350 per person
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