NASTT Sewer Laterals Good Practices Course

The Great Lakes, St. Lawrence and Atlantic Chapter (GLSLA) of the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) will offer this good practices course focused on sewer laterals rehabilitation in conjunction with the Trenchless Road Shows.

Jun 01, 2007
Target groups: technicians, engineers, skilled tradesmen
Category: EducationTraining
Course instructors are Dr. Ray Sterling and Jadranka Simicevic with the Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) based at Louisiana Tech University. The Laterals Good Practices Course addresses jurisdictional, design and installation issues, as well as available techniques for maintaining, rehabilitating and replacing sewer laterals and connections, using case studies, field data and surveys results in support of findings and recommendations for developing an effective laterals program.

The laterals course covers the following topics: an introductory overview of what sewer laterals are and why they present an important problem; methods of locating and inspecting of laterals, condition assessment and decision making regarding necessary repairs, options for trenchless rehabilitation or replacement of laterals; bid documents; legal and financial issues. Most attention is given to a detailed description of rehabilitation methods, review of relevant issues (before, during or after construction), and experience gained in case studies.

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