IWA conference "Advanced Sanitation" in Aachen, Germany

The conference is organised and sponsored by the Institute of Environmental Engineering of RWTH Aachen University (ISA), the International Water Association (IWA) and the Water Management Initiative of North-Rhine Westphalia (WWI).

Mar 12, 2007 - Mar 13, 2007
Target groups: students, technicians, engineers
Category: Conference
The conference will focus on the following main subject areas:
  • Decentralized Wastewater Systems (on-plot systems)
  • Advanced Systems for Urban and Rural Sanitation
  • High-Tech Systems for Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Non-Conventional Wastewater Treatment Systems, Concepts and Technologies
  • Ecological /Environmental / Sustainable Sanitation (source control, separation systems, reuse systems, closed loop sanitation systems, etc.)
  • Decision Support Systems: Centralised vs. Decentralised Wastewater Systems
  • Economics (financing and cost recovery, cost-effective sanitation, pricing and tariffs, capital efficiency, utility finance, benchmarking, cross and direct subsidies, etc.)
  • Social aspects
  • Case studies

A list of the technical tours and the social programme as well as further information about the accommodation, transportation etc. will be announced at the official conference website http://www.advancedsanitation.de.
Eurogress Aachen
52062 Aachen


Peter Lambertz


+49 (0) 241-8026821




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