IWA 1st Eastern European Regional Young Water Professionals Conference

Advances in water supply and sanitation

May 21, 2009 - May 22, 2009
Target groups: Young Water Professionals
Category: Conference
Rational use and effective protection of water resources is one of the most serious environmental problems for the world today. The United Nations Organization proclaimed 2005 - 2015 International Decade for Action "Water for life". Within the framework of this initiative numerous events with the involvement of heads of states and governments, deputies of parliaments and representatives of local authorities and public organisations have already been and will be held.

Thousands of water storage facilities, water economy systems and water security constructions make up a complex system which requires a scientifically grounded and effective management. The Republic of Belarus enjoys a number of regulatory legal acts in this domain (Water Code, laws "On Drinking Water Supply", "On Environmental Protection" etc.). Their provisions guarantee the right of citizens to access to pure water and establish accurate rules of water resources usage. In the field of water supply and water discharge and protection of water resources the national program "Pure Water" is carried out. It presupposes further development of water-management system, introduction of new technologies, sanitation of water resources, construction of treatment facilities, water fences, water pipes and sewerage. Certainly, not all is realised how was originally planned - life puts forward new challenges. And only by uniting efforts of scientists and experts we can solve them.
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