ITACUS Open Meeting 2009 - Budapest

May 26, 2009
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, technicians, students, engineers
Category: Congress
The ITA Commitee on Underground Space was setup to raise the awareness on the use of underground space and the need for developing a vision and planning for the use of the underground. During the Budapest World Tunnelling and Underground Space congress 2009, the first ITACUS Open Meeting will be held.

Underground Space Development
As more and more countries look at underground space as a valid option to solve their spatial problems, the awareness is growing that some form of underground urban planning is needed to co-ordinate the use of underground space. Not doing so often leads to conflicts and to missed opportunities. This is just one of the issues that ITACUS is addressing. During the first part of the Open Session, three presentations will demonstrate to you why ITACUS is of importance for Underground Space Development in your country and how ITACUS can help you or fellow professionals in this taks.

Planning of Underground Space
Although the planning of Underground Space is not a common approach in Urban Planning, the awareness that it is needed is growing worldwide. As this awareness grows, experts find themselves faced with many challenges. One of these challenges is the need to balance between using underground space for transport and for energy. During the Open Meeting examples will be given and a discussion will try to uncover some of the dillemmas facing city planners when planning the use of underground space.
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