ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress 2008

Sep 22, 2008 - Sep 27, 2008
Target groups: technicians, engineers
Category: Congress
Location of various facilities underground will be the order of the day in the immediate future to ensure sustainable life for future societies by providing necessary infrastructure to accommodate transportation, communication utility networks and complexes for handling, processing and storage of many kinds of materials. More so, in urban areas which will have to accommodate large populations? Application of new technologies besides use of sophisticated equipment for underground construction works would be warranted for execution of works in a cost effective manner conforming to sustainable development, with rapid growth of underground structures anticipated, there will be explosion of new technologies and innovative construction practices.

To provide a forum for exchange of information on the new practices and technologies fast developing, the Central Board of Irrigation and Power and Tunnelling Association of India is organizing the World Tunnel Congress “Underground Facilities for Better Environment & Safety” & 34th General Assembly of ITA-AITES from 19-25th September, 2008 at Agra, India..

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Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Centre
Agra, India



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