International Water Symposium 2010 (Berlin, Germany)

20 Years of Research in the Field of Endocrine Disruptors & Pharmaceutical Compounds Disruptors & Pharmaceutical Compounds

Feb 10, 2010
Target groups: technicians, engineers
Category: Symposium
Since the 90’, Research had suggested thatseveral chemical and natural compoundshave the ability to disrupt the endocrinesystems. Endocrine disruptor compoundsencompass a variety of chemical, includinganthropogenic substances such as detergent,pesticides, platicizers, natural and synthetichormones, among many other substances.

The biological activity of pharmaceuticalscompounds is high since they have beendesigned to act at low concentrations. Thus,found in the environment even at the lowconcentrations, they may produce deleteriouseffects to the aquatic organisms. Awarenessof the potential hazards posed by endocrinedisrupting and pharmaceuticals compoundshas led to intensive research programs overthe past 20 years. The performance of currentwater supply systems, urban drainage andwastewater treatment systems is suitableto solve conventional problems only.

Thisworkshop intends to review and discuss withleading international scientists, the status ofknowledge regarding the risks, impacts andavailable or future technical solutions forthe water sector.

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