International Congress - Tunnels, Drivers of Change (AETOS)

The Spanish Tunnelling Association (AETOS) has undertaken to organize an International Tunnelling Congress in Madrid

Nov 05, 2007 - Nov 07, 2007
Target groups: technicians, engineers
Category: Congress
The Congress, which shall bear the title “Tunnels, drivers of change”, will serve as a showcase to present not only the projects under construction in Spain, i.e. the underground networks of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville..., high-speed train tunnels, Madrid ring-road (M-30), etc... but also projects currently under way in the countries co-sponsoring the event together with AETOS, i.e. France, Switzerland and Italy.

AETOS will also organize a technical exhibition that would accommodate the companies and institutions participating in the execution of the above mentioned projects.

According to the initial plan, the working program will consist of four sessions that will cover all the different topics related with tunnelling, and particularly the new technologies and innovations that have contributed to the advancement of our field.

For further information and on-line registration, please go to
Palacio Municipal de Congresos
Madrid, Spain



91 531 06 00


91 531 05 41



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