Infrastructure North Africa 2013 (Tunis, Tunisia)

Jan 21, 2013 - Jan 22, 2013
Target groups: Engineers, decision makers, professionals
Category: Exhibition
The pro-democracy movement which started on 14th of January 2011 in Tunisia provided also the possibility to all North-African countries for a technical and economic development. The industrialized countries and the states of Middle East with their institutions and companies are ready to accompany and support financially and technically the North-African countries on this way. In particular Tunisia attracts big interest at present – but the other North-African states will follow. We all know that support can help to set out the framework – but only the local industry or foreign investors are able to assure a sustainable development. The quality of the existing infrastructure increases this propensity to invest.
On the basis of this analysis the committees of the Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer (EITEP) decided to organize an international conference in Tunis on the subject of “Infrastructure North Africa (INA)” in order to motivate both national and international companies to commit themselves in this way.
In order to tailor the conference to the local needs, an Advisory Committee will be established which will reflect all the disciplines which are proposed in the program. The members of the Committee are on the one hand experienced specialists from Europe and on the other hand representatives of the relevant national authorities of the North-African states. The coordination between the countries will be assumed by the national authorities of Tunisia.
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Ramada Plaza Tunis
Target language English



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