IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 (Munich, Germany)

Sep 13, 2010 - Sep 17, 2010
Target groups: students, pupils, technicians, labourers, engineers, skilled tradesmen
Category: Fair
IFAT showcases the entire range of products and services in the sectors for water and sewage treatment, sewer cleaning and maintenance, refuse disposal and recycling, street cleaning and winter road services. It also features a number of special-purpose technologies and services. All and all, it is a unique demonstration of highly professional solution and performance expertise.

Topics at IFAT ENTSORGA that are the focus of increased attention in 2010 are:
  • Adapted technologies
  • Energy management and effi ciency, especially in the sectors for sewage and water treatment
  • Seawater desalination techniques (including solar thermal techniques)
  • Municipal hygiene (sanitation)
  • Secondary raw materials: Exhausting new potential (e.g. urban mining), waste-to-energy concepts

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Neue Messe München
81823 Munich, Germany



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