Horizontal Directional Drilling using MDrill

Mar 30, 2009
Target groups: Project managers and engineers working for contractors, consultancies or cable and pipeline companies. Project managers and consultants working for license deliverance institutes.
Category: EducationTraining
The design of pipelines installed by the horizontal directional drilling method is often complex. A large number of factors are of major importance:
  • available space for drilling rig and pipeline
  • the choice of the diameter of the pipeline
  • assessment of the strength of the pipeline
  • assessment of the pulling force during the pull back operation
  • comparison of the minimum or maximum required drilling fluid pressures.

The design for pipeline installation using the horizontal directional drilling technique can be approved when all factors are considered and tuned on interaction. A conscientious consideration of all design factors results in a low risk and workable design.

This course deals with the most important design factors and their theoretical backgrounds: drilling fluid pressures, pulling force, assessment of the strength of the pipeline. Phenomena and processes related to design such as stability of the borehole and interaction between the surrounding soil and the pipeline are treated as well during the course. The program MDrill, with which the design factors can be considered, is used to show how to make an effective, workable and low risk design for horizontal directional drilling. The program MDrill is suitable for the evaluation of horizontal directional drilling designs by government agencies.
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